About us


To reduce recidivism and support reintegration of people who are deprived of their liberty into societySocial reintegration.


To be inspiring and professional to the point of attracting federal, state and private investments for the re-socialization of people deprived of their liberty.


As Christians we will seek to be an example of love for our neighbor.

We will always honor our word.

Treat all individuals in society equally and with empathy.

Always act with honesty and transparency.

We will work to be indispensable for society.


We break out legacies: we break generational legacies of violence, poverty, longing for well-being and incarceration, empowering men and women imprisoned with the necessary tools for leveraging their innate entrepreneurial skills to create legal profitable and sustainable ventures.

We are equal partners: Society gives many negative labels that link Redirect's deprived people to their pasts. If they paid the price for their actions, why turn put them into a life sentence through harmful stigmas? After all, aren't we all ex-girlfriends? So, instead of referring to them as ex- something, we prefer to focus on who they are today and who they are becoming. We are very proud to be partners and peers of our Entrepreneurs in Training, (ETs).

We connect people: we have paired high-level executives, entrepreneurs and other influencers with our ETs (Entrepreneurs in Training,) to challenge the odds by training our ETs to become successful parents, entrepreneurs, employers, and entrepreneurs. Community Leaders.

We are perceptionists: by promoting them through public platforms (media and national lectures), to show humanity and the brilliant potential of our ETs, we challenge, provoke public perception, and lead the transformation in the national conversation about the criminal justice system. We inspire people to use their influence to create solutions from the private sector to the prison problem in Brazil. A tangible result will be increased employment opportunities for people previously incarcerated. As advocates for results, we also target policymakers and the faith-based community.

We are replicators: since the first day, Redirect was created on the plan of replicating our model nationally. We inspire local business executives, funds, nonprofit leaders, activists and other change agents to leverage community support to insert local Redirect affiliates in their cities. Our commitment is to create a model that can provide life-changing opportunities for people with criminal background in all urban communities in Brazil (and one day, perhaps, even worldwide!).

We are executive lovers: Our primary goal is to transform lives holistically through partnership and collaboration - not just the lives of our ETs and their families, but also the executive volunteers. For business leaders, our purpose is to bring deeper meaning to their lives and inspire them to assess how they can use their influence, money and time. By providing them competitive volunteer experiences that involve the key competencies (from examining business plans to monitoring ETs' financial models), the priorities in their hearts and credit cards will change as they reshape their visions and actions regarding to criminal people.